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Call Announcement JOINT CALL 2021 on “Food Systems”

The 14 partners of the Joint Call Board from the ERA-NETs SUSFOOD2 (SUStainable FOOD production and consumption) and FOSC (Food Systems and Climate) are pleased to announce the launch of the Joint Call for Proposals on

Innovative solutions for resilient, climate-smart and sustainable food systems

The scope of the call is to fund projects that facilitate the transition from current linear food systems to resilient circular systems, including an optimal use of resources and less vulnerability to shocks under consideration of the interdependencies within the systems and its stakeholders.

We will support projects taking a systems approach considering all relevant aspects in food systems and their potential to increase its sustainability (Topic 1) and resilience (Topic 2).

Proposals should include research on one of the following topics:

Topic I: Innovations to improve food systems sustainability, with a focus on increasing resource efficiency and reducing waste

Topic II: Food Systems adaptation and resilience to system shocks

The Joint Call 2021 follows a one-stage procedure with a deadline for the submission of proposals on 16th of August 2021 - 3 p.m. (CEST).

For more information about the Call, please check the websites of SUSFOOD (https://susfood-db-era.net) or FOSC (https://www.foscera.net).

To access the Call Documents, the Partner Platform and the Submission Tool, please follow the link https://www.submission-susfood-era.net/sf2-fosc-jointcall


ERA-NETs SUSFOOD2 and FOSC Joint Call 2021 “Innovative solutions for resilient, climate-smart and sustainable food systems” organised a webinar for interested applicants on June 2. Below you can find the presentation slides and the frequently asked questions.

Joint Call 2021 Webinar for applicants 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) of the Call webinar

SUSFOOD2/FOSC joint call for research projects organised a webinar dedicated to the subject of a systems approach. This webinar included a short presentation of some tips to thinking about defining research questions in the context of a bigger picture of a “system”. Short vignettes of looking at a “system” from multiple perspectives will be shared and there will be plenty of time for questions and discussion.

Joint Call 2021 Webinar on systems approach