SUSFOOD has been a driving force for 10 years, with 5.5 under H2020, aligning R&I strategies, fostering collaboration, and shaping the future of food sustainability. Learn more about our journey and achievements in our special e-book. Dive into our network, initiatives, and milestones as we celebrate a decade of dedication.

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Within the ERA-NET SUSFOOD, predecessor under FP7 of the current ERA-NET, and by the current SUSFOOD2, ERA-NET under H2020, publications of all kinds are produced.

These publications are mainly scoping the landscape the ERA-NET is working in. Below you can find all public publications SUSFOOD has produced or has contributed in. 

SUSFOOD Policy brief

Food system transition needs incentives and policy support

Research and innovation yields solutions on sustainable food production and consumption. Susfood2 has produced policy recommendations based on the results of research projects funded under the SUSFOOD2 co-funded call 2017. This policy brief indicates how research results can support the scientific evidence to enable a transition towards more sustainable food systems. The key recommendations for the policy makers and industry are:

1. Provide clear messages to consumers to increase the trust in food

2. Harmonize the nutritional and sustainability regulations and labels

3. Support the uptake of new technologies and side stream valorization

4. Create a forum to collect the evidence and discuss regulatory aspects for new technologies

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2nd review report

SUSFOOD2 strategic scene (June 2020)

According to SUSFOOD vision “all food chain partners contribute to achieving sustainable, secure and resilient food systems, which feed the world and make sustainable choices the easy and preferable choices for consumers”.

SUSFOOD2 is based on the strategic research agenda (SRA, 2014). The current status of the strategic scene was first reviewed in 2018, and the second review was delivered to the European Commission at the end of March 2020.
Our updated strategic scene review report shows that the activities of SUSFOOD2 are well in line with recent European policies like the European Green Deal. Sustainable food production and consumption, circularity, and prevention of food waste are at the heart of the Farm to Fork strategy published in May 2020–and the same themes are the core of SUSFOOD SRA.

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SUSFOOD strategic scene 2018

SUSFOOD2 strategic scene (June 2018)

Whats's the current landscape SUSFOOD2 works in? This resulting report describes the current background of research and innovation programming in the field of sustainable food production and consumption in Europe. It complements the SUSFOOD Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) and serves as a tool for its implementation. It summarizes the SRA and the objectives of SUSFOOD2, and gives an overview on the main trends and drivers in the field of SUSFOOD. It also lists other relevant initiatives and takes a look on the first achievements of SUSFOOD funded projects. Read more or download the document


SUSFOOD Strategic Research Agenda (2014)

SUSFOOD, the predescessor of SUSFOOD2, developed a strategic research agenda to provide guidance for future research into sustainable food production. Read more or download the document.


Country report 2014

SUSFOOD Country Report (2014)

Read more on the Meta Knowledge Base, the possibilities for national funding in food research and the research institutes working within the food research landscape in the SUSFOOD countries in 2014. Including the analysis of the research landscape in the Country Report 2014: download the document


3rd Policy brief ERA-LEARN 2018

ERA LEARN Policy brief on project impact assessment in bio-economy

The  third annual Policy Brief of ERA-LEARN 2020  is analysing the impact of P2Ps and P2P-supported projects. The report focuses on the results of a pilot exercise that was addressed to three bio-economy networks (SUSFOOD, ERA-IB-2 and CORE ORGANIC II) and their supported projects. The brief draws on the results of an on-line survey addressed to project beneficiaries of the three networks and on the findings of the interviews with network members and project beneficiaries The discussion of the results is complemented where relevant with some of the findings of the survey conducted for the ERAC Ad-hoc Working Group on Partnerships in 2018 in order to identify challenges to implementation of P2P-supported projects. Download the document