We warmly invite you to our stakeholders workshop showcasing the findings and results of the 12 SUSFOOD2 co-funded projects to improve sustainable food production and consumption.


The Stakeholder workshop is organised to inform a wider interested audience on the progress made by the projects and to explore the next steps to enable interaction between the research teams and stakeholders.

The workshop objectives are as follows:

1. Share research findings among stakeholders

2. Obtain feedback from stakeholders to inform future scenarios / future research needs

3. Identify potential collaborations among actors to carry forward the innovations

4. Network with potential target groups or future partners, e.g. SMEs

5. Exhibit innovations to the public.


There are still many unknowns due to the Covid situation therefore this meeting will be a hybrid one.

The stakeholders and interested audiences which prefer to travel can physically join the seminar; the stakeholders and interested audiences which prefer not to travel can join the seminar virtually by using online tools. Under these circumstances, this seems to be the most efficient way.

Participation is free of cost, but travel expenditure and accommodation must in general be borne by the participants themselves.

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We look forward to seeing you all on 27 October 2021