SUSFOOD2 organised the Stakeholders workshop to inform a wider interested audience on the progress made by SUSFOOD2 funded projects and to explore the next steps to enable interaction between the research teams and stakeholders. The workshop was mainly an online event, due to Covid 19 pandemic and the still strict travel restrictions in many countries.


Of 110 registered persons, 60 attended the stakeholders workshop. The main group of participants came from academia and research institutes, followed by policymakers and funding agencies as well as a few participants from industry and NGOs.

During the event, we discuss three different topics in breakout sessions. These are:

  • "Smart" consumers: How can R&I lead to well-informed consumers?
  • Value from waste: Food losses and waste in the context of sustainable food systems
  • Bringing new sustainable technologies to the market- chances and barriers:
  • Acceptance and adoption–bottlenecks for new food technology?

In order to have an overview of the work done by the 12 projects, everyone was invited to watch the videos that each project had prepared:

The coordinators first gave a short presentation of their project, focusing on the applicability of the results and what future research needs remain. In addition, a message was formulated for the stakeholders and the end-users. Many substantive discussions were held, in which the questions were motivated through the use of Slido. The discussions also touched upon important other new research themes, missing actors to advance R&I even faster in future projects, next steps towards innovation. Finally, an evaluation of sorts was made and questions were asked as to how SUSFOOD2could further support the research and researchers in the field of sustainable food systems.