Scope call 2013: Innovation in food processing technologies and food products to support a sustainable food chain.Image removed.

  • CIBUS-Food: Computational-design and Innovative Building of Uniquely Structured Food
  • Sustainable & Healthy: Development of sustainable processing technologies for converting by-products into healthy, added value ingredients and food products
  • BIOPROT: Novel multifunctional plant protein ingredients with bioprocessing

Scope call 2014: Innovation in food processing technologies and food products to support a sustainable food chain.

  • ProRef: Gentle and resource-efficient refining of vegetable oils for preservation of valuable components and simplified reprocessing of by-products
  • RFcooking of HamRapid industrial scale cooking of boiled ham using radio frequency electric fields
  • FREEZEWAVEInnovative and low energy microwave assisted freezing process for high quality foods

Scope call 2017: Innovation in food processing technologies and products

  • BIOCARB-4-FOODExtraction and characterization of BIOactives and CARBohydrates from seaweeds and seagrasses FOR FOOD-related applications
  • InProVeInnovative Processing of Vegetables and Potato
  • FUNBREWBiotransformation of brewers' spent grain: increased functionality for novel food applications
  • MEFPROCImproving Sustainability in Food Processing using Moderate Electric Fields (MEF) for Process Intensification and Smart Processing
  • DISCOVERYDisaggregation of conventional vegetable press cakes by novel techniques to receive new products and to increase the yield
  • ProSeaFoodInnovative processing of seaweed for novel, healthy food products and ingredients

Scope Call 2019: Mild food processing

  • MILDSUSFRUIT: Innovative Mild Processing Tailored to Ensure Sustainable and High Quality Organic Fruit Products
  • HO-FOODInnovative High pressure process to increase the preservation of ready-to-eat Organic FOOD (HO-FOOD)
  • MI-WINE: Mild Innovative Treatment for Wine Stabilisation