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               Joint Call 2019 “Towards Sustainable and Organic Food Systems” 


In order to address emerging societal challenges, CORE Organic has joined forces with SUSFOOD2 in the transnational Call ‘Towards sustainable and organic food systems’ launched in 2019.This joint call was initiated under the premise that attaining secure food and nutrition supply in the future will require a transition from current linear food production, to sustainable, cyclical oriented systems (on land and sea) that also respond to consumers demand for a diverse, healthy, safe and attractive diet. 


The two ERA-NETs have built a network that consists of 21 funding bodies from 18 countries/regions, committing around 9.5M EUR for transnational research. The selected projects are related to different topics. More info on each project can be found by clicking on the project title.


Topic 1: Resource-efficient, circular and zero-waste food systems 

FOODLEVERS - Leverage points for organic and sustainable food systems 

FERBLEND- Fermentation-induced valorization of side stream blends from oilseed and dairy industry 

Bio4Food - High quality and nutrient rich food through crop waste-derived biostimulant and biopesticide 

ALL-IN - ALfalfa for sustainable Livestock farming systems: Improve alfalfa -rhizobia symbiosis and New feeding strategy based on ecological leftovers 

SysOrg - Organic agro- food systems as models for sustainable food systems in Europe and Northern Africa 

Poultrynsect - The use of live insect larvae to improve sustainability and animal welfare of organic chickens production 

PROVIDE - PRotein and biOmolecules sources for nutritional security and biodiVersity of bakery products in a cIrcular fooD system 


Topic 2: Diversity in food from field to plate

FOOdIVERSE - Diversifying sustainable and organic food systems

SPiwi - Sustainable production of innovative sparkling wine 


Topic 3: Mild food processing

MILDSUSFRUIT - Innovative Mild Processing Tailored to Ensure Sustainable and High Quality Organic Fruit Products 

HO-FOOD - Innovative High pressure process to increase the preservation of ready-to-eat Organic FOOD 

MI-WINE - Mild Innovative Treatment for Wine Stabilisation 


Topic 4: Sustainable and smart packaging

No projects selected.


Date launch
Topic 1: Resource-efficient, circular and zero-waste food systems
Topic 2: Diversity in food from field to plate
Topic 3: Mild food processing
Topic 4: Sustainable and smart packaging