A picture says more than 1000 words. But does this also hold true for research projects? We passed the challenge to our 12 SUSFOOD2 projects and asked them to visually display “How they are contributing to increase sustainability in the food system” by a photo labelled with a slogan.

The main goal is to increase visibility and highlight the objective of each special project. Creativity and ability to engage your audience are the main criteria used to select a winner.

We received 27 pictures, the researchers were very creative in producing beautiful pictures capturing their work or the idea they want to achieve. All the SUSFOOD2 partners had the honors, or actually the difficult task to do a first selection. This resulted in 9 possible candidates to win this competition.

Out of these 9 the External Advisory Board, which consist out of several European organisations or networks, had the difficult task to select the winning picture. Within the setup timeline, the votes received resulted in an exaequo between: PROSEAFOOD “To find the future of food – look below the surface!” and FUNBREW " Reborn from spent the good side of brewery side-streams”.

The final decision was made by an independent Juelich team together with the votes of the remaining other EAB members.

We are very proud to announce that our winner is FUNBREW. They use the waste streams of beer to make new healthy products


Funbrew - Biotransformation of brewers' spent grain, received a web based video of their project in collaboration with the company Hague.


The FUNBREW receives a web based video of their project together with guidance to communicate it broadly by the company Hague.

With Funbrew, spent grain turns from food waste to food opportunity!

Do you know that beer industry produces more than 4 million tons of spentgrain per year? This is mainly:


chicken-rice used for feed

Funbrew applies circularity by turning spent grain into an ingredient for foods like bread spaghetti. How?

Check out Funbrew's video to know.