Communication workshop “presenting with impact”

On 15th January we invited our project coordinators and young researchers in the project, to learn to present their research or project, in a clear and convincing manner, tailored to the needs of the target groups. With the goal to help us increase the visibility and awareness for the field of SUSFOOD2.

To reach this objective, SUSFOOD2 collaborated with The Floor is Yours for organizing the workshop: Presenting with impact.

We structured the workshop into two sessions.

The morning session was organised with a combination of theory, practical exercises and inspiring cases. We were using research or project examples from the 30 participants themselves, which we had requested beforehand and incorporated in the workshop. During the workshop, the participants gave a 1-minute presentation of their research.

During the try-out sessions in the afternoon, we delved deeper into the different presentation techniques and there was more room for practice. The participants each gave their 1-minute presentation a second time, allowing them to apply the tips and tricks from the workshop and receive more personalised feedback.

After the workshop, we asked the participants to share their experience with us. 11 participants (who represented 40% of the total) evaluated the content of the morning and the try-out sessions as well as the duration and organisational aspects of the workshop, all aspects were found to be excellent and very good. Overall, the workshop was evaluated excellent.