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More information on the SUSFOOD scope:

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The SUSFOOD scope is divided into 4 domains and more subdomains encompassing a broad aspect on sustainable food. Within each of this subdomain, the scope is defined by several bulletpoints:

Domain 1. Valorisation of food and food products

  • 1.1. Valorisation of food sources
  • 1.2. Valorisation of food influencing consumer health and welfare

Domain 2. Engineering of the food production chain/system

  • 2.1. Resource efficiency
  • 2.2. Improved quality
  • 2.3. Sustainable technologies
  • 2.4. Decreasing environmental emissions and impacts

Domain 3. Consumer preferences and behaviour

  • 3.1. Consumer communication and decision support
  • 3.2. Consumer attitudes and behaviour
  • 3.3. Food by branding

Domain 4. Holistic view – Link dimensions