SUSFOOD1 Achievements

The first SUSFOOD ERA-Net (2011-2014)

The SUSFOOD ERA-Net was build on and accelerated the work of the SCAR Collaborative Working Group that was launched in Denmark in 2010. SUSFOOD developed a durable focused network of national research funders in Member and Associated States of the EU. The purpose of the first SUSFOOD was to share information, coordinate activities and work towards a common research agenda and mutual research funding activities in the field of sustainable food production and consumption.

SUSFOOD’s main achievements:

  • In September 2012, SUSFOOD launched an open web based archive to map European food research (Meta Knowledge Base or MKB). The MKB offers a freely accessible database, an open forum and partnering tool to the whole research community. This database is therefore intended to become a forum for the exchange of information and best practices between Member States and candidate countries for the EU and also for launching transnational calls and joint trans-national calls with other relevant activities such as other ERA-NETs.

This MKB also forms the basis of the first mapping analysis about the research structure in the European partner countries. Together with the second and final mapping analysis (an overview of overlaps and gaps within the current European research) at the end of the ERA-Net, SUSFOOD aims to contribute to a better coordination between partners’ research programmes by monitoring of participating countries’ research programmes; identification of complementary areas, research gaps and synergies; redesign of research programmes in order to eliminate duplication of overlapping initiatives and address priority research topics and knowledge gaps

  • SUSFOOD has launched 2 research and research and innovation calls which had an enormous success. Nine proposals were funded for a total amount of 10 Mio€ in the first call (2013). In the second call (2014), 6 projects were funded.
  • SUSFOOD has delivered a strategic research agenda based on identification of priorities, gaps and opportunities in European food research programmes concerning sustainable food production and consumption. This SRA is a longterm contribution to structuring the European Research Area thanks to establishment of a common vision on agricultural and food research with a post-harvest focus, and uptake activities for bringing the experience, methods and tools gained by SUSFOOD into use all over and beyond Europe, including non-participating countries.