How can you find consortium partners?

There are many ways to find consortium partners. As it isn't always easy to find that partner with a specific expertise, the SUSFOOD2 ERA-NET Cofund consortium has provided some possibilties. 

If you want to display an idea or your expertise especially for this call. There is a partnering tool available in the submission platform

1. Via the SUSFOOD Meta Knowledge Base: 

The SUSFOOD MKB was created during SUSFOOD, the predecessor of SUSFOOD 2. This database consists of many European research organisations working in the field of sustainable food production and consumption. 

Country pages: Gives a summary of all relevant organisations present in a country. By selecting the organisation, you find a description and contact data. 

Organisations: Gives you the opportunity to search the SUSFOOD MKB via freely chosen keywords. 

Postings: In this section, users have added there past and current research projects. Via free keyword searches, you are able to search for an expertise you're looking for.

All information of the MKB was also published in January 2014 in the SUSFOOD Country report

2. Via European network databases: 

The Commission´s info service CORDIS

The Enterprise Europe Network, which offers good partnering services around Europe and other countries. Find you local contact

3. Some countries have national partnering tools (in English):

Estonia: The Estonian Research Information System:

Germany: DAFA: The ExpertAtlas offers two search approaches: using freely chosen keywords or using a structured search.

Italy: APRE Partner Search Service: This online tool assists  organizations like universities, enterprises, research institutions, SMEs and other legal entities in finding appropriate partners/coordinators for participation in European calls for proposals. It  provides the user with details on partner profiles and active partnership requests from organizations across Europe and around the world.

Romania: The Registry of Romanian Research Infrastructures; Brain Romania (, a platform for sharing, promoting products and ideas, to seize collaborations and funding opportunities.

Spain: INIA web page:; Triptolemos Foundation: