Meta Knowledge Base

The SUSFOOD Meta Knowledge Base (MKB) is an open web based archive which has several functions. It is filled and updated by all the stakeholders and will exchange information on programmes, but also on capacities in all the European and associated countries participating in the consortium. This database will identify overlaps and gaps, but also emerging needs in research. 

A final analysis of the research landscape was done based on this input in 2014 and was written in a final country report. 

In SUSFOOD2, the purpose of the MKB has changed, into an excessive database, which should be kept up-to-date as much as possible. Therefore, it's still encouraged to register and add your organisation when not yet present.  

The use of the database is also useful and encouraged to find new partners for research consortia. 

This Meta Knowledge Base is divided in several subsections:

Country pages: Gives a summary of all relevant organisations present in a country. By selecting the organisation, you find a description and contact data. 

Organisations: Gives you the opportunity to search the SUSFOOD MKB for research organisations and stakeholders via freely chosen keywords. 

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Postings/Projects: In this section, users have added there past and current research projects. Via free keyword searches, you are able to search for an expertise you're looking for.

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Funding bodies: Gives a summary of all funding bodies in the field of general science, food science and everything related to it. 

User profiles: Gives a list of all registered users, their country and their organisation.