+++ Are consumers and the supply chain ready for suboptimal foods in order to reduce food waste?+++

Find out more on this at the Final seminar of the SUSFOOD1 Project COSUS on June 16th 2017 at Nofima, Ås, Norway.

The COSUS project about “Consumers in a sustainable food supply chain: understanding barriers and facilitators for acceptance of suboptimal foods” is funded through the ERA-net SUSFOOD and started in June 2014. The goal of the project was to explore whether consumers and the supply chain can accept and embrace suboptimal foods, in order to reduce food waste. Suboptimal foods are foods that at first glance are not appealing due to their shape, colour or best-before date, but that are still perfectly fine to eat. The 3-year project has involved 7 institutes from 5 countries: Norway, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden. At this final seminar they will present the results from the entire project.

A pdf of the seminars' program can be found here

There is no participation fee, but registration is necessary before June 6th noon via this link: https://www.deltager.no/cosus_final_seminar_june_16_16062017. (In case of cancellation within 2 days before the arrangement a NOK 250,- charge for lunch expenses will be asked.)