About the SUSFOOD ERA Net

SUSFOOD is the acronym for SUStainable FOOD production and consumption. The former European transnational research cooperation project ran from December 2011 until November 2014 and consisted of a network of 25 partners from 16 European countries. As an FP7-ERA-Net, SUSFOOD accomplished a European Strategic Research Agenda, finished its mapping activities by establishing a country report and enhanced collaboration and coordination between research programmes by conducting two transnational joint calls for proposals. The goal of SUSFOOD is to maintain the scientific cooperation between EU member and associated states in order to maximise the contribution of research to the development of food systems aiming at more sustainability from production to consumption. Therefore, the SUSFOOD-partners agree to preserve the network of the consortium and continue with joint activities without EU funding. Further information about future SUSFOOD activities will be available in due time.

MKB output: the SUSFOOD Country Report Book

The Country Report data of the SUSFOOD ERA-NET was recently updated and collected in a handy book format. The content of the book is based on the MKB data. The book is a wonderful SUSFOOD promotion tool and is a valuable resource for researchers, policy-makers and other stakeholders. It gives website an overview of the research landscape throughout the 16 SUSFOOD Member States. Research institutes, funding bodies, and national research programmes make the main share of this book. This book is more than just a snapshot of the current European research in the field of the sustainability of the food chain. It forms the basis for future SUSFOOD actions designed to build and implement a common research strategy at European level.
This book is an excellent basis for creating networks and for finding suitable research partners for further SUSFOOD or other actions for Public research teams, industrial partners and SMEs.

A limited amount of copies of this book can be obtained via the SUSFOOD partners. You can find your countries' SUSFOOD partner via the Country Pages.
A digital version can be downloaded here:

Invitation to the EU FP7 SUSFOOD final conference @ SIAL fair in Paris, 21October 2014

The 21st of October 2014, the ERA-NET SUSFOOD devoted to increase sustainability in food and drink sector by using a multi-disciplinary approach, is pleased to welcome you to its final conference which will take place during SIAL fair, the largest food innovation observatory in the world.
The main objective of this final conference is to introduce the main tools produced by SUSFOOD contributing to increase sustainability in European food sector as well as the projects selected during the first call of proposals.

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